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  • How do I order?
    UK Shipping is currently FREE OF CHARGE, so simply send your order directly through the website, which is now set up for payments. Any further questions can be directed to Thank You!
  • Which is best finish for me - oil, lacquer or soap?"
    Of the three finishes, Lacquer is the most low maintenance, as everything is sealed up and easy to wipe clean. Oil is also very hard wearing and will enhance the warmth of the wood. Going forward, applying oil will add to the beauty of the frame as it matures, which also means that will age better than the lacquer (as long as you add oil). The Soap finish is very soft and beautiful. Like with the oil, it will need topping up over the years to enhance that lovely look.
  • Should I go for the rotating option?
    Really hard to say - on one level it's really convenient (and fun) to turn around etc - but when the seat isn't parked straight the stool doesn't look quite as beautiful!
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